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Imagine dreaming up the perfect table lamp, but not being able to find it anywhere.  At Eikon, we allow designers and clients to create their own style of lighting.

You’ll have access to a boundless library of lighting inspirations and ideas that will help you create your own lighting masterpiece. 

Our in-house design team will sketch and draw your design at no cost. Now you can dream your perfect lighting style and design it to your requirements.

The designers and creative team working at Eikon find that our clients greatly enjoy the process of creating something truly special and unique. Most of our custom-made lighting projects are completed in as little as four weeks. Our team can also take an existing light and reproduce it or simply make small changes so it better suits space.

Our technical staff will gladly install, relocate or move current lighting fixtures from one location to another to best suit your lighting needs. Special staircase, niche lighting and outdoor lighting are all part of the services that we can provide.

Eikon's products come with lifetime warranties. Our wiring and switches are of the highest quality and approved from the world leaders in Scandinavia, UK and the USA to ensure that all electrical codes are internationally approved.

From international hotels to homes that require the most intricate wiring, the Eikon team are trained to manage the ever growing demands of quality, safety and design while keeping the customer our first priority.

We hope to serve you so you can experience the Eikon difference.